6 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy While Working Full Time |

How often do you hear people moaning about being too busy to look after their health? Even if you have a full-time job there is nothing stopping you from looking after yourself. Your health, in any circumstances, comes first!

It’s easy to say you’ll start doing something about it tomorrow, but taking action seems to be a lot harder. If you’re having trouble giving your health the respect it deserves, we’re going to look at some ways you can overcome it.


The #1 Problem With The Paleo Diet - SOLVED | Paleo Recipes |

So many of us have trouble dieting, sticking to our diets, or cannot even fathom the word “diet.” Well, thats OK. There are so many different types of diets out there that it seems almost impossible to randomly take a gamble on one of them! I just wanted to talk to you guys about one of the most popular diets out there right now and that’s the “Paleo Diet.”


31 Thoughts We've All Had While Working Out at the Gym |

Just because we care about our health, doesn’t mean we can’t joke around about some of the gym life struggles! So, I put together 31 thoughts we’ve probably all had during a workout at some point or another. I had so much fun compiling these and I hope they make you laugh and appreciate the ups and downs of working out.


Should You Eat Breakfast Before You Exercise? The Scientific Truth Revealed |

There are countless myths and theories about whether or not you should eat breakfast before a workout, and that one may be more beneficial than the other. Some say working out on an empty stomach helps to burn more fat. But, what really happens inside of your body?

As someone who has been studying exercise science and human physiology in university for a few years now, I’m able to come to a conclusion about this issue. Without getting too in depth, the following information (backed up by science!) will enlighten you about the processes your body goes through when you eat and when you don’t eat before you exercise. Should you eat before a workout to burn fat quicker? We’ll answer this below. If you’re in a rush to find out, scroll down to The Final Verdict. đŸ™‚


35 Motivational Fitness Quotes GUARANTEED To Get You Going

Need an extra boost to get to the gym this morning? Having trouble sticking to your fitness plan? Well, get ready to take your fitness to the next level with 35 of my favorite motivational fitness quotes.

Repeat the following quotes to yourself, write ’em down on a post-it note, channel your positive thoughts, and go hard today. I hope these help to kickstart your day, as they have with mine!


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