Perfume is one of those things a girl just¬†has to have. I prefer fruity and tropical scents usually but recently had the chance to try something a little different. I received a bottle of Fiori di Capri fragrance and it was like none I have ever smelled before. It is described as a sophisticated yet delicate blend of Capri’s most precious floral essences.

When the bottle first came I sprayed myself down like I normally do. Normally I have to do this because the perfumes I am used to are light and the smells fade rather quickly.¬†Fiori di Capri is not like my normal perfumes…

Carthusia Fiori di Capri Fragrance Review

I was quickly overwhelmed by a rush of fragrance and realized that 1 spray was plenty. It took a while for the smell to thin out, and I could still smell hints of the perfume days later.

Fiori di Capri was the first fragrance from Carthusia and is based on a legendary formula from 1380 when the scent was made for a queen. I don’t know how valid this is, but I swear I read somewhere that perfume was created to mask the smells of the unwashed. Bathing was more of a luxury than anything way back when and a monthly bath was the norm. This perfume reminds me of something that would have been used to mask smells, and perhaps that is why/how the original formula came to be.

The Fiori di Capri is kind of musky with strong floral tones woven throughout. the fragrance wears very well for hours and slowly fades as the day goes by. I have found that it dominates other smells so you will definitely be noticed when you are wearing it. The price tag sits around $80 which isn’t bad considering the quality of this perfume. It definitely isn’t your typical cheap/discount fragrance. A little goes a long way so the bottle will last you for a pretty good while.

You can buy Fiori di Capri from the Carthusia website or Amazon.com along with their other fragrances