Blundstone Boots s

When I moved to Joliet I didn’t know much about the area. I knew people associated the city with The Blues Brothers and that was about it. After being here for a month I learned a few things, mainly that there are several things to do.

One thing I wasn’t at all expecting is all of the nature and hiking options. I thought all of that was left behind when I left the east coast. Much to my surprise I was wrong. There are Rock Run, Joliet Iron Works, and Sugar Creek to name a few. There are so many more I’m eager to explore. Luckily Blundstone sent over their Original Chelsea boots (for review) so I’m walking and hiking in comfort.

Blundstone Sole

The most important thing when you are planning an outing that involves lots of walking is good footwear. Footwear that will not only protect your feet from the elements and foreign materials, but that is comfortable as well.

Blundstone is known for creating comfortable and durable boots. Their iconic elastic-sided Chelsea boots are made with weatherproof elastic sides which makes getting them on a breeze. The polyurethane sole is designed with a patented Shock Protection System which reduces foot strike shock by 33%. If you do much walking then that’s a biggy!

Blundstone Boots Side

I’m a huge fan of the striped elastic sides on these boots, I think it adds a hint of style to a highly functional boot made for men and women. They are low key enough to be worn with any casual outfit and durable and comfortable enough to be worn while working.

It took a few hours of wearing them to break them in. When I first put my foot in the boot it wasn’t the most comfortable experience. There was a lot of stiffness, as is to be expected from new boots of any kind. Once they started to give a little they were comfortable and fit like a glove!

Blundstone Boot

This line of Blundstone boot tends to run small so when you order (and trust me, you want to order!) a pair order a size up. Speaking of ordering, you can go to the Blundstone website and shop directly! Choose from a variety of styles and colors and even material. You can even pick up a pair for the kids!