When I’m home alone I don’t usually cook an entire meal just for myself. I tend to stick to easy meals (like the ones you find in the freezer section) or sandwiches. Have you ever cooked a store-bought frozen meal, took a bite and instantly regretted it? It happens to me nearly every time I try one.

Sure they’re edible but I can’t necessarily call them good.

They look amazing on the box but I’m usually disappointed with the overall taste.  Blake’s All Natural Foods is changing all of that with their made from scratch frozen meals.

Blakes Old Fashion Mac Cheese

When I was sent these made from scratch meals for review I didn’t have high expectations. I didn’t have many expectations at all besides hoping they were at least edible.  Thankfully they exceeded that expectation by a mile. They were actually good which is saying something!

The first meal I tried was the Old Fashioned Mac & Cheese. My major disappointment here is my photography. I wish I had gotten a better shot of the Mac & Cheese itself instead of focusing so much on the box. The breadcrumb topping was a little lacking for me, but it was there. I had to add salt and pepper to the meal to meet my taste demands but I like that. There have been many times I’ve eaten something that was overly seasoned so being able to do that myself is  a nice change.

Blakes Macaroni and Beef

The Macaroni and Beef meal was my favorite of the four I tried. The noodles were perfection and the rest was full of flavor and hearty goodness. I was actually surprised by how much flavor was packed into this meal; and by the chunks of gorgeous tomatoes. I did add a little Parmesan cheese to the top because, well, I’m a cheese lover :).

Blakes Food

I haven’t gotten to try the Chicken Marsala with Pasta yet but the Lasagna Bake Bolognese was a nice surprise for me. It’s a huge dish to live up to and Blake’s did a good job on the delivery. The sauce was hearty and the noodles, once again, were perfection. I think it could have used a little more cheese but other than that I was very pleased.

Thanks to Blake’s All Natural Foods I haven’t given up on frozen foods completely. I just know to look for now when I’m shopping! Things like small  batch and made from scratch on the label. That and the fact that Blake’s uses 90 – 100% organic ingredients are what make these meals worth eating. They can be made in the microwave or conventional oven which make them very easy and convenient for everyone. I prefer to cook them in the oven because I feel that yields the best results.

You can find Blake’s All Natural Foods products by using their store locator! If you can’t find a retailer nearby you can always shop online.