4 Backpacks That'll Make You Wish You Were Back In School

Backpacks are the most functional pieces of clothing we own. They come in different models, sizes, fabrics, textures and purposes. From mountaineers to snow sports lovers to students, backpacks help people all over the world. Contrary to popular belief, backpacks aren’t just for kids. Backpacks are staple pieces for fashionable urbanites & classy businessmen (and women!) across the U.S.

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of 4 tasteful ways to choose a backpack to suit your personality (and your lifestyle!) without lacking in style.

Fun fact, backpacks were invented in Iceland by the Otzi people. See the functional backpack they made here: Otzi Backpack. This backpack is considered the founding father of our more modern and stylish backpacks that we take for granted today.

We can all relate to being students in school at one point or another. A day-to-day sturdy backpack is completely essential for students– from elementary school students all the way up to college students and beyond. And when it comes to yuppies, a stylish backpack is a staple of contemporary elegance, taste and style. Need we say more about family vacations, city breaks, out-of-town visits and beach days?

So, since there are so many different types of backpacks out there, how do you choose which one to buy?!

1. The Classic Canvas Leather Backpack

Closeup photo man wearing white tshirt sitting city park and reading book. Studying at the University, preparation for exams. Books, generic design laptop, backpack bench. Horizontal, film effect

You may feel rebellious at heart; you may be a college student, a freelancer, a travel buff or a young entrepreneur. As long as you’re not confined to a black-tie type of organizational environment, you can take your leather backpack anywhere you want, including casual outings with friends. If you’re the type of person who likes to have your entire personal and important stuff close by, pick a high quality medium to large backpack and keep your laptop, camera, books, files and gadgets well stored. A stylish backpack allows you to travel or commute comfortably and take a pause to enjoy life anywhere in the world.

2. The Hipstery & Bold Leather Backpack

leather backpack for hipster men (1)

You can sport a smaller sized backpack in a hip design (think about bi-colored models, colorful ones, and patterned ones) to carry around everyday small items. If you are a hipster at heart, you know that nowadays- anything goes. So be wild and trendy, sporting colored jackets and sweaters, hats, caps or beanies, skinny jeans or baggy pants, sneakers or boots. Your hip statement backpack will make you look modern and well-dressed!

3. The Feminine Vintage Canvas Backpack

canvas vintage backpack for girls

Girls who feel a bit retro at heart might find out that the backpack can allow them a lot of free movement while it completes a laid back and casual outfit with a dash of vintage. You can pair a vintage canvas backpack with disco midi skirts, maxi dresses with sneakers, strappy sandals, polka dots outfits, straw hats, vintage looking accessories and so on. A vintage canvas backpack can accompany you to school, to a casual dinner with friends, in a romantic city break or a free day of strolling around town.

4. The Small Leather Backpack

Fashion woman in black rock style over colorful pink background

If you’re the glamorous type who takes her time to really compose an outfit, then don’t get out of the house without a small cute patent leather backpack to hold your phone, make-up, wallet, personal papers and the mandatory sunglasses case. Leather goes great with leather, but you don’t have to be too matchy-matchy about the colors. You can pick a universally black fashion backpack to go with everything you wear or a stylish dark brown one for accent and refinement. Read about the history of backpacks here.

Backpacks will probably never go out of style and we all tend to carry a lot of things nowadays. Backpacks have kept up their pace, transcending from the sports department into the fashion one. Let me know if these tips helped you pick out a backpack that suits your style. I’d love to know. 🙂  

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