When it comes to makeup most people think of the product itself before anything else. What isn’t always given much thought is the brushes you use to apply your makeup. I used to be under the impression that ‘a brush is a brush’ but that couldn’t be less true.

See, not all makeup brushes are created equal and once you use top-of-the-line brushes you’ll never go back to the cheap, shedding brushes you may be used to.

artis brushes

I was recently given the chance to try (for review purposes) a few brushes from the Artis Fluenta collection. The first thing that stood out about these brushes is that they are animal-free. Most makeup brushes on the market use goat hair, but Artis does not.

Artis never uses any animal hairs or by-products in their brushes! They use CosmeFibreâ, trademarked engineered fiber developed exclusively for superior makeup application. This fiber outperforms animal hair by resisting UV, chemical challenges, and wear testing for more consistent application than animal hair used in conventional makeup brushes.

artis brushes

The brushes in the Artis Fluenta collection do not look like your typical makeup brushes. They are handmade (in the USA) to make applying makeup easier and more efficient – without you needing to bend and contort your wrists and hands to get it just right. Artis founder, Matthew Waitesmith {former MAC Cosmetics senior exec}, created each new makeup brush with the purpose of control and flexibility.

While I absolutely love the look and thought behind these brushes, it did take me some time to get used to using them. I blame it on years of non-ergo dynamically designed brush use. Once I started to get the hang of using these brushes I was hooked. The makeup went on perfectly and my favorite is I don’t have to touch my face to put on eyeshadow anymore! Before I was balancing my hand on my cheek, trying to get the angles just right. Now the brush does all of the work, I just simply glide it where I want it to go.

The 5 piece Fluenta Collection brush set that was sent to me has the following brushes:

  • Oval 6 – great for applying foundation, blush, and contour
  • Oval 4Oval 3 – great for applying eye makeup with ease and perfection
  • Linear 1 – great for applying eyeliner and precision eye shadow. Also good for brow shaping
  • Circle 1 – great for applying lip color and concealer to small areas

The brushes themselves do not shed (!!!!) which is the biggest thing for me. I hate, hate, hate, trying to pick individual hairs off of my face. The design is modern and sleek and I love the ‘chrome’ finish on the matte black microtextured grip section. The brushes are weight-balanced – which is why I don’t need to use my face for balance or leverage.

You can find the Artis Fluenta Collection in-store at Neiman Marcus and NeimanMarcus.com. Prices range from $25 to $400, and there are many brushes available. The Oval 10 brush alone has over 250,000 individual fibers!