I love the concept of living a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately I don’t really know where to start. There’s so many brands on the market that make so many claims who do you choose? Why would you commit to a brand you know nothing about? Especially when the prices are higher than you’re used to paying. That’s what I love about KLUTCHclub. They give you 10 products, full size and sample sizes, each month. These products range from foods to vitamins and supplements.

April’s box was full of goodies and gave me some new insight into new brands. There was a lot of interesting things going on in April’s KLUTCHclub box. Let’s take a peek:

KLUTCHclub Subscription Box Reviewdrinkwel– These are vitamins for people who drink. It doesn’t get much more genius than this. How many times have you woke up with a hangover then drinkwel may be the solution. Love this concept!

BOPS Sour Cream & Onion Baked Organic Potato Snacks – The taste of these chips was great, the chips however were kind of strange. The texture wasn’t something I enjoyed though so I doubt I’ll be trying these again.

Energems in Chocolate Charge – I’m all about extra energy so these were great. It’s even better when it comes in a chocolate flavored package. These didn’t make me jittery like other energy supplements do and they taste great. I didn’t notice a huge burst of energy but did see some enhancement in my awareness.

Gnu Foods FiberLove in Cinnamon Raisin – I love snack/meal bars and even more so when they are delicious. When there are added benefits, like fiber, I’m sold. These are delicious and filling.

Raspberry Ketones – I wasn’t sure what to think of these, I’m not familiar with Raspberry Ketones. Apparently they help break up your fat cells leading your body to burn fat faster. That is intriguing to say the least! Dr. Oz has some helpful information when it comes to raspberry ketones.

Tongo Coconut Water- Pacific Orange Flavor – What sold me on this was the 290 mg of potassium. With the number of Charlie horses I get I can really use potassium. Another thing is 100 calories per bottle. It also contains all 5 essential electrolytes, zero fat and zero cholesterol. Plus it tastes great!

Towel Dry Hydrating Shampoo for Medium Hair & Towel Dry Mid Styler – I love that these were included in the box. My gentleman friend doesn’t have much hair but he does keep it well groomed. These smell great and don’t leave any nasty residue behind.

Happymorning Organic Superfoods Breakfast Smoothies – Super Cinnamon with pear and raisins as well as Super Banana with mangosteen. Both have yogurt and super grain quinoa and very unique flavors. The texture isn’t horrible and the taste is good. If you can get past drinking your breakfast than I think you’ll love these.

Taylors of Harrogate Teas – I’m a tea junkie. The chamomile and green tea with lemon were nice treats for me. Both are full of flavor and I truly enjoyed them.

Overall I’m very impressed with the contents of this subscription box from KLUTCHclub. Check them out and all the boxes they offer.

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