Alright ladies, let’s talk panties. For me, when it comes to underwear, it’s a love/hate relationship. I love the cute designs, the sex appeal and the modesty but I hate shopping for them. Yes, I’m a little self conscious and don’t dare go into Victoria Secret’s or similar stores. I just always feel like people are staring. So, I tend to stick to the basics. That makes for a pretty dull undercover wardrobe and frankly I was sick of it.

Then I found Splendies.

Splendies is a monthly subscription service specializing in (drum roll please….) panties! They deliver 3 pairs of quality panties to your door each month. And we’re not talking granny panties here ladies. We’re talking cute, make you feel sexy in your own skin panties. And come on, who couldn’t use those?! What I love most about Splendies is they come in my size and they’re cute! I guess that takes me back to my embarrassment. Shopping for sexy undies isn’t something I’m comfortable with in public. I feel like everyone is staring and you can call me paranoid because, well, I guess I am a little.Splendies

They offers their surprise panties in regular as well as plus sizes from their sister company, Volupties – up to a 3XL. With Splendies you never know what you’re going to get in your package. Styles range from boy shorts to thongs and everything in between. If thongs aren’t your thing though you can opt out of receiving those for $2! They want to make sure you’re happy.Splendies

When ordering your subscription it’s advised to go up a size. I’m assuming this is for vanity sizing issues since the panties are brand names. You can also save some $$ off your first month by using the promo code “MUSTHAVE” at checkout. This will save you $4.00 off your Splendies subscription and $5.00 off your Volupties subscription.

I’m thrilled with the panties I received and can’t wait to see what other selections are available. It’s so fun being introduced to new brands and new styles.

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