Imagine if high tops and boots got together and had a baby. That’s what I think of when I break out these Ankle Booties (sent for review purposes) from Antelope. Not to mention these are anatomically designed to provide support and a feeling of comfort.

antelope boot review

These ankle booties are an interesting spin on the average boot. The laces offer a visually different yet appealing style while adding extra security to your feet. If you like your boots to feel snug as a bug in a rug then just tighten the laces, or loosen them if you prefer more wiggle room.

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Inside the shoe box was a dust bag which I think is great. You get these bags with mid – upper level purses to keep them in pristine condition. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your shoes?! At least I’m assuming that’s what this bag was for – I could be totally wrong but this is what I’m using it for!

antelope boot review 2

I’m definitely a fan of the laced up appearance of these ankle booties. They remind me of my childhood high tops which I miss ever so much. They offered support in ways other shoes rarely do. Speaking of support, these boots have a soft, padded insole that gives you great comfort and support when you’re standing for long periods.

antelope boot review 1

Usually when you’re choosing footwear you are forced to choose between leather and suede. There’s no choice with these ankle booties because you get the best of both world! That’s right, they are made with top quality, supreme leather and suede that was hand-cut. The 2 inch wedge is crafted from polyurethane with rubber outsole on the bottom.
Antelope ships free across the US and Canada so you can shop online with ease. The 753 Ankle Booties are available in black and brown and they have many other gorgeous styles as well.

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