Having Type II Diabetes has been life altering. I’ve had to adjust what I eat, my activity levels, and my daily routine. I’ve had to learn the normal and abnormal signs my body gives out when my blood glucose is too high, too low, and just right. I have definitely become more in tune with myself; how’s that for making lemonade? Diabetes Testing One of the most important changes that comes with having Type II Diabetes is regular blood glucose testing. I’m currently testing a minimum of three times a day; more when I find myself feeling dizzy, nauseous, or faint. Testing my blood sugar regularly allows me to accurately communicate my chronic condition with my doctor so we can keep it in check. Type II Diabetes When I was first diagnosed with Type II Diabetes I didn’t have insurance. The testing supplies were far from affordable and I wasn’t testing nearly as often as I should have been. Since I was paying $$$ out of pocket I tried to make the testing strips last as long as I could (against my doctor’s recommendation.) Today there are more affordable options for those living with Diabetes. Abbott Diabetes Care offers the FreeStyle Precision Neo System which is targeted specifically towards those of us with Type II Diabetes. Their meter AND test strips are available over the counter at an affordable price without a prescription or insurance. That makes such a huge difference for those who cannot afford the higher priced options.

The FreeStyle Precision Neo system is a no-coding needed system which means you’ll be testing fast. Just insert the strip, apply the sample, and get the results. You can get the FreeStyle Precision Neo system and supplies from Walmart, CVS, and other drug stores and get started testing for less. Restocking on test strips and lancets is as easy as a visit to the store! That means no more skimping on testing or running out and having to wait on a prescription. If you’re ready tomanage your Type II Diabetes in an affordable way you can download this $2 off coupon. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of FreeStyle. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Freestyle. The opinions and text are all mine.