Untitled1Have you ever met an animal and instantly fell in love? That’s exactly what happened when I met Alex. Bringing him into my life has changed so many things. Sure I’m cleaning up a lot more and getting a heck of a workout when we go on our walks, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Alex quickly became my best friend and filled the void that I had in my heart. From the first time I looked into his big, golden eyes I knew we were going to change each others lives for the better.


There’s an old saying that people use to describe many situations, but I’ve been proving that saying wrong. Maybe you’ve heard it: “You can’t teach and old dog new tricks.” I say pish posh!

Alex is a year old and we’re just starting to learn some new tricks. Sure he’s stubborn at times but with the proper motivation I’m finding it isn’t nearly as hard or impossible as some would think. By the right motivation I’m referring to a treat that’s from a brand you can trust. Something made in the USA and free of fillers and made with real American meats.


I’m talking about none other than Tyson Nudges. I found these in the Pet Care section at Walmart!

Tyson is a brand I grew up with. It’s a brand my family has always trusted and not just for the human members. Our four legged family members only get the best and for us it’s Tyson. Tyson Nudges have played a key role in training Alex in sitting, heeling, laying and shaking.Find Tyson Nudges in the Pet Care Section of your loal Walmart

They’re going to continue to play a role even after he’s trained because they are, again, a brand I know, love and trust.

Positive reinforcement dog training has been the best training option I’ve found to work with Alex. He loves treats and I’m pretty sure he understands he has to work for them. I will give him one here and there just for being the cutie patootie he is, but normally I make him earn them.IMG_0405

On days like this one where we went to the park he did especially well. He loves to be outside and I’m eager for the day we can run around off leash.

Alex recognizes the bag as soon as it comes out and you can see the gears turning.

……..”What’s she going to ask me to do?”

……”How long before I get a treat?”

…..”Give me the Nudges woman!”

It’s amusing seeing how excited he gets. Nudges are rewarding for both of us. I get to see my big baby happy to learn new tricks and he gets a yummy treat. We both win; especially at the end of the day when we can both rest and relax.


This post was inspired by #NudgesMoments & #CollectiveBias. Use this coupon to get $1 off your next purchase of Tyson Nudges!