Grilled Honey Ginger Cornish Hens #Grill4Flavor #CollectiveBiasMemorial Day weekend is upon us and these 4 days are just what I needed to kick off my shoes and head out on the deck to do some grilling. This time around I wanted something different. Something you don’t normally see cooked on the grill. Cornish Hens! I remember having Cornish Hens several times as a child but haven’t tried making them since. I decided to try my hand at it, starting with spatchcocking.

Spatchcocking is the method for preparing small game birds for cooking/grilling. Think of it like butterflying. This process is pretty straight forward – find the back bone and cut it out. Then flip the bird over, locate the breastbone and cut the cartilage to remove it. Once you’ve done this your bird is spatchcocked. I just love typing that, one more time – spatchcocked. Okay, it’s out of my system.

The next thing I did was make a marinade for the Cornish Hens.  A yummy, Honey Ginger marinade. I love all things with an Asian feel and this sounded so divine. And it was so simple to throw together. 1/2 cup Kikkoman Soy Sauce, 1 cup honey and 1 1/2 tablespoon of ginger. Mix it all together in a large bowl and voila. Yummy marinade.Grilled Honey Ginger Cornish Hens #Grill4Flavor #CollectiveBias

I dredged the Cornish Hens through the marinade and placed them in a roasting pan to absorb the goodness for 6 hours (in the fridge.) Then it was time to get grilling. I probably should have tucked the wings in, but they have so much more personality this way!

I grilled them, flipping once, until they reached 165° internally. It took about 20 minutes all together. I used the reserved marinade to brush the Cornish Hens after I flipped them. The flavor is out of this world. The ginger and honey made it taste so good and you could definitely feel the Asian inspiration. I used white rice and beer glazed broccoli to accompany the hens. It was definitely a feast fit for 2.


Everything I needed was found at Walmart. The Tyson Cornish Hens were in the center section of the meat department. You know that long container thing that they have meats in? They came in twin packs for added convenience. The Kikkoman Soy Sauce was in the ethnic aisle. i love, love, love Walmart 🙂Grilled Honey Ginger Cornish Hens #Grill4Flavor #CollectiveBias (3)There will be a $2 off coupon for anyone who purchases the Cornish Game Hen Twin Pack and a 10 oz bottle of Kikkoman sauce together. There will be a neck hanger on the Kikkoman sauce bottle starting June 1 and the offer is also on coupons.com until September 30 (or while supplies last).

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