Hi! I’m Karen, and I’m a country music lovin’, born-and-raised city girl currently residing in the suburb of East Brunswick, NJ.

I’ve spent my fair share of time binge-watching YouTube beauty videos (haven’t we all?!), and trying things out on my own which is why I’m so excited to share all of my findings with you!

I named my blog simple beautiful life because I like to enjoy the small & simple things in life.

By day (and some nights!), I author this blog and write about fitness, good food and makeup & beauty. When I’m not doing that, I’m probably coaching gymnastics, shopping at Sephora or playing with my two lovely cats.

As a full time university student, I’m always aiming to find ways to make life easier and more enjoyable– and when I do, this blog is where I post them all!

Simple beautiful life is a reflection of who I am. I strongly believe that God has made each and every one of us perfectly unique and fully capable of lifting each other’s spirits and sparking hope in each other’s lives, regardless of where we are in our journey of life. So let’s do just that – together.

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