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Green Bean Casserole is amazing, especially once you put your own twist on it. I shared my Cheesy Green Bean Casserole with Bacon so now I want to share my awesome way of serving it… with another southern favorite.


Cornbread is one of the big things I miss about the east coast. I’m sure you could find it somewhere around here but I haven’t yet. It’s one of those homestyle comfort foods that goes well with anything. That’s what inspired me to make this cornbread bowl used to serve the Cheesy Green Bean Casserole in.

The process was easy and not much different from making regular cornbread. The difference was what I baked it in.

I preheated the oven to 400°F. Then I prepared a box of cornbread mix according to the directions and poured it into a small, greased baking dish.

Cornbread Bowl

I used an even smaller (well greased on the outside) metal bowl to make the hollow part of the bowl. I placed the metal dish in the middle of the small baking dish and filled it slightly with water to weigh it down. I made sure the metal dish sat on top of the cornbread mixture and not the bottom of the pan.

I put the setup on a cookie sheet and baked it like that for 30 minutes. I carefully twisted the metal bowl out and returned it to the oven for 6 more minutes so the middle could cook through.

Cornbread Bowl

After that it was just a matter of filling the bowl with that delicious green bean casserole and serve it up. I’m still working out the details for making individual corn bread cups. As soon as I perfect that I’ll be sharing so stay on the lookout for that.

Green Bean Casserole in a Cornbread Bowl

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