If there is one thing I have realized about living in a ‘cold state’ it’s that winters are far from friendly. Back home, on the southern east coast, driving in winter conditions wasn’t a big deal. There were a few days where snow covered the roads, but more often than not the plows were ahead of the weather. Then again, the snow was usually minimal and driving wasn’t much different between seasons.

how to drive in snow

Now that I’m living where snow is a plenty I have realized thereĀ are a few things to do differently. I want to be as safe as possible on the road, and I want you to be too so I compiled a list of tips to help you drive in the snow safely.

The list includes what to do before you get in your car and while driving in the snow.

The list is made up of what could be seen as “duh” items, but only if you’re from an area that gets lots of snow. If you’re not from Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, etc… you may find these tips helpful for safely driving in Colorado (or other super snowy place) snow. Once you learnĀ how to drive in Colorado snow please share your advice, life stories, etc… in the comments!