7 Fashion Must-Haves For Every Professional Woman

Coming up with a stylish and professional outfit is difficult to do quickly. This is especially true early in the morning, with little time on the clock and a crowded wardrobe. However, there are a few essentials you can add in your fashion arsenal that will make you look chic and ready for the office. It doesn’t have to be rushed. It just has to match and express your style.

Here are seven must-haves for every professional woman to have at hand whenever she wants to look fashionable and professional at the same time.

1. Smart Ensemble

business woman standing with her staff at conference

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Remember the smart colors, such as blue and gray, and find the right ways to combine them. If you really want to make an impact, opt for a pencil skirt and a line-patterned shirt that will make you look like the epitome of professionalism and style. This is a perfect choice and an excellent outfit always to have at the ready in case of important meetings where you want to showcase your intellect.

2. Elegant Wristwatch

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Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, with a clock incorporated on the home screen. However, while it’s practical, it’s clearly not a statement of fashion. Watches have become a symbol, a mix of practicality and style that can be so wonderfully blended. They are a must have. Pick a classic design that will never fade and will look excellent with your business outfits. Never underestimate their power and touch of elegance they can add to any attire.

3. Stylish Sunglasses

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Any outfit can be well emphasized by a pair of stylish shades that will accentuate the features of your face. It’s important to find the right one that is perfectly suited for you, but once you do, purchasing a pair of classic sunglasses will always be a good option. They add a more rebellious edge to an otherwise strict professional look.

4. Pearl Touch

pearl jewelry

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Pearls always add a touch of refinement and class to any outfit. You can look stunning by incorporating a piece of jewelry with Akoya pearls into an otherwise somber-looking ensemble of dark colors and straight lines. It’s not only a contrast of colors by combining a pearly white with a black or gray shade, but it’s that touch of elegance that will forever be appreciated by those around and make you feel royal.

5. Colorful Plaid Shirt

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Pick your colors and pick your pattern. No matter which you choose, you can create a professional ensemble for a relaxed day at work with the help of a simple plaid shirt.  Gone are the days since they were worn solely by lumberjacks. They are now a statement of fashion and can make a beautifully casual attire for your office. Accessorize it with a classic watch, and it can make an outfit by itself.

6. Nude Shoes

nude pumps

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A staple to any woman’s wardrobe, this is a definite must have. A pair of nude pumps, stilettos, or whichever shape you most prefer is the epitome of an all-around fashionable choice for every professional woman. They will make your legs look slimmer and longer, and they go beautifully with every type of outfit, whether a dark and serious look or the pastel or bright colored attire. Just make sure to find the right ones to match your skin tone.

7. Classic Beige Trenchcoat or Peacoat

beautiful woman with dark hair in elegant coat and silk scarf

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A beautiful example of how a simple coat can turn any outfit from a dull work look to a fashionable outfit that will make you look modern and chic. Even worn above a simple black skirt and pastel shirt, a beige trenchcoat or peacoat is the perfect way to express modern style in a classic way. They have been used for many decades, but we have never had so many designs to play around with in terms of the collar, sleeves, or length. You can take your pick, but always remember to opt for a universal shade that will go excellent with your “normal day at work” outfit and you will look stunning.

If you have all of these already in your wardrobe, you are prepared to take on the business world with a hint of style and elegance in your determined stride to the top!