6 Tips For Throwing a Great Party | www.simplebeautifullife.netParties are the best occasions to get your friends together and feel like yourself again. A boss can be too judgmental, and life can throw the biggest challenges in your way, but nothing compares to being surrounded by your friends. So, there are some small preparations you need to make before your next party. Since we don’t want something bad to intervene between you and pure entertainment, here are the six tips for throwing a great (and successful!) party.

1. Decide the Date

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You know what happens with spontaneous parties. There’s always something that keeps us busy until far off into the foreseeable future. A friend might have to attend a wedding, or another one has just traveled half the world on a business trip.

So in order to manage the difficult task of getting the entire gang together with no exceptions, you should make it your purpose to obtain everyone’s confirmation beforehand. Create a Facebook group or another private chat session to discuss together the necessary details. Now that everyone finally agreed on a date, it is time to move on to the next step.

2. Decide on the Menu

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Some parties might skip the food altogether and get directly to the booze instead. However, everyone will need a source of power after a couple of hours of laughing and dancing. I myself have two different friends. The first one always throws parties where there’s only food, and the other friend of mine has the fridge filled with all sorts of drinks and not a bite to eat. Instead of dividing people into two camps, I would prefer to have a bit of everything.

So, there’s no need to play the master chef role and take your guests aback with meal courses never seen before. Some simple starters can replace the fancy menus just perfectly. There’s no need for anyone to stop dancing or chatting to reach for cutlery. The fingers are all you need to taste some apple pieces and bacon on a stick lightly roasted in the oven or the oldie but goldie French fries.

However, one thing to keep in mind that is extremely important is to respect everyone’s diet. You should make sure that your menu is generous with vegetarians, people on a diet, and others. Moreover, any party should have a Pièce De Résistance. For special occasions, you can easily resort to a delicious classic cake. You can always rely on yummy Kroger cakes to lift up the spirits at your party.

3. Drinks for Everyone!

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Often times, when I go shopping for drinks, I always buy too much. It is way simpler to leave your house with a clear plan. For example, you can decide on only two drinking options which can be white wine for ladies and a finely brewed beer for gentlemen. Clean a bucket if you have one and fill it with ice to keep the bottles cool. To make them more party like you can wrap the bucket in a colorful scarf or plant some beautiful flowers in the ice.

4. Create the Perfect Mood

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It goes without saying that the event should take place in a clean room or restaurant and wear a comfortable yet tasteful outfit. However, some dull white walls won’t send the right vibe to your guests. If you host the party in your apartment, move your furniture around to make room for a dance floor, a table for the bar zone, and some soft chairs for the chatting area. Also, make sure you have all your rooms in perfect condition. Even though the party will happen in your living room, some of your guests might fancy the privacy of your other rooms.

Nothing creates a better and more whimsical atmosphere than placing some lights around your place. Search for your Christmas lights and hang them on walls or simply arrange them in a transparent flower vase. Light up some candles and lock them safely in a glass handlamp to avoid any hazards.

5. Pick the Entertainment

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You can’t rely only on chatting about your latest events in life to keep the guests entertained all night long. You need the help of a good playlist to make them unwind and loosen up. To create it, you have to take many vital decisions. Shall you go with house, jazz, dubstep or funk? If you know your guests all too well, you should take into consideration their musical tastes also.

Start with some symphonic, light songs to keep the conversation flowing. No one will start dancing the moment they reach the party, so it is good to have a built up first. Keep some songs at hand that are catchy and popular enough to make the gloomiest guest jump up and break into some fun dancing moves.

6. Get Creative

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Don’t let your party be ordinary, even though it is in the middle of the week! Get creative and come up with a special theme to make sure that everyone will remember this day for a long time. James Bond, the seven deadly sins, villains and superheroes, favorite literature characters, anime, masquerades are just some of the options you have to get the party going. When nothing seems to please anybody, you can propose a slumber party.

So, these are the six party essentials that will cover all the aspects of an unforgettable event. Even though your guests are your best friends, a little bit of planning ahead can do wonders. Hope this helped you guys out in planning out a great, memorable party. If it did, be sure to share this with your friends, and leave me a comment below telling me which tip helped you out most with your party! Happy party planning! 

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