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We’ve all seen and fallen in love with those high-end designer wedding dresses on TV. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress a bit more than you’d like to admit. Designer dresses are undoubtedly gorgeous but there are so many cheaper options that are just as jaw-dropping. If you’re planning your wedding on a tight budget, or if you’d prefer to save up for a breath-taking honeymoon instead of a one-time wedding dress, you might think you have to sacrifice the quality or style of your dress. But, ladies, you’re wrong. I’m so excited to present to you 5 ways to find your perfect wedding dress at an attractive cost to you.

1. Use Online Resources to Find Deals

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Online resources are great for staying on budget for every aspect of your wedding, from finding a band or DJ to locating your venue or reception hall. A great online resource you can use is ukweddingsavings.co.uk. Here, you can locate breath-taking venues and more at prices that won’t break the bank. Win-win situation, eh? 

You can also use your online research to locate the most affordable, but still stunning, wedding dress retailers. You’ll be surprised by all of the options right in your area to make shopping for your affordable gown a breeze. 

2. Purchase a Used Wedding Gown

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Since wedding gowns are only worn once, it only makes sense for some brides to put their dress up for sale after their wedding day. Others may, unfortunately, get divorced and end up parting with their dress for understandable reasons. Regardless of what their reasoning is, there are a lot of women who will gladly sell you their used gown, and at a great cost.

Again, this will require some research online, but once you find a seller, you can ask her all of the questions you want about the quality of the gown and the price. From there, you can purchase the gown and have it tailored to fit your body perfectly. It’ll look as if the dress was made just for you. 🙂 

3. Ditch the Designer Gowns!

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There are many famous designers who have their own lines of wedding dresses, and while the gowns may be quite beautiful, they’re also really expensive. When shopping for your wedding dress at a bridal boutique, opt for those that aren’t designer gowns. Even without a designer brand on the tag, a dress could be perfect for your body and make you feel like a queen. Sometimes, wedding dresses that aren’t designer look more stunning than those that are! Keep an open mind and you’ll definitely be able find the perfect dress for you within your budget!

4. Shop Online

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As with any other product, if you shop online for your wedding dress, you’re bound to find a lot of retailers from near and far who have a large selection of affordable gowns to choose from. You can have a gown shipped to you and then have a local tailor fit the dress to your body.

Even though shopping online removes the ability to try on a variety of gowns in person, if you fall in love with the way a dress looks, purchase it (make sure you check the return policy first). From there, you can try on the dress at the convenience of your own home, and if you love it, go ahead and get it tailored! If you don’t, return it! Shopping online allows you to browse through a greater variety of dresses than your local sellers. This is the most practical and ideal way to find the dress of your dreams at a price that suits your budget.

5. Shop Sales

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Shop for your gown during the winter and summer, when huge sales are more prevalent. I absolutely love shopping during the winter season because the sales are just so never-ending!  However, it is definitely possible to find sale prices throughout the year. Just ask about gowns that are discounted when you enter a bridal boutique!

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By incorporating these cost efficient strategies into your wedding gown hunt, you’re sure to find a stunning dress that you’ve fallen in love with, without going over-budget! I hope these tips helped make your lives a bit easier as I know wedding planning can get overwhelming! Just take a breath and enjoy every second of this time in your lives. 

If these tips helped you out, make sure to share it with your friends or anyone you know also going through the wedding dress hunt journey.

And with that, I’ll leave you all with this lovely quote: “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”