Okay; maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself – there’s not much fun to be had when cleaning is involved. It can however be made much more tolerable with a few tweaks to your current routine. I have a few ideas that may help me make the most of my spring cleaning and hopefully they’ll help you too.

5 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Let’s jump in.

Crank the Tunes – I absolutely love Spotify. It’s free and unlike Pandora lets you choose whatever songs you want to listen to. You can even make your own playlists with your favorite songs. Another thing I really like about Spotify is you can listen to your favorite artist and then choose to listen to a custom radio station inspired by that artist. It’s well worth the ads that play after so many songs.

Pack up the Essentials – Running from room to room to get this, put that back, find something etc.. is a total pain. Make your spring cleaning a little easier by packing up the essentials in a milk crate, basket or something similar. Ideas for things to pack up are dusters, cleaners, gloves, paper towels etc.. When you’re done with your cleaning you can easily place the container, full of essentials, in a cabinet for later.

Shake your groove thang – When no one is around is the best time to dance around. Wiggle your hips while you’re dusting, sidestep when you’re cleaning the windows and/or shake it while you’re vacuuming. The good news is you’ll be getting some exercise while having fun and cleaning – 3 birds with one stone!

Redecorate/Rearrange – Looking at the same thing day in and day out can be a real downer. While you’re planning out your cleaning routine look at the walls and decor in each room. Could you switch some out? Move some furniture around? You’d be surprised what a better mood you’ll be in after a little change.

Play dress-up – When you have clothes to sort through playing dress-up is the way to go. It’s an added bonus when you have a daughter who can play dress up too. Both of you can try on clothes to see what still fits and donate those that don’t. It’s total bonding time meets spring cleaning.

So those are my best tips to make spring cleaning fun. What do you do to liven the mood?