When it comes to travel, the biggest cost usually comes from accommodations. Depending on a few factors (date of travel, number in your party, destination etc…) it could be possible to save hundreds on your travel accommodations. Don’t jump on the first discounted rate you find or settle for a roach motel. Instead, use these tips to save on accommodations.

Save Big on Travel: 5 Tips to Save on Accommodations

Save Big on Travel: Accommodations Edition

Think Outside the Box – When people think of travel accommodations the first thought tends to be hotel. Did you know there are many other hotel alternatives? Not every option is right for everyone, but chances are you’ll find at least 1 that fits your needs and will help you save on accommodations.

See my list of hotel alternatives for more resources.

Look Around – Just because you’re trip is to a big city doesn’t mean you have to stay in said big city. Prices are much higher in major cities as opposed to nearby towns. Use Google Maps (or something similar) to see what’s nearby your destination. Do a search for hotels in neighboring towns and notice the price difference. It’s like Vegas – you’re going to pay 3x more for accommodations on the strip than you would elsewhere.

Once you find a nearby town, use a site like TripAdvisor.com to search for the hotel’s in that town. See what others have to say.

This option may not be cheaper in the long run. Travelling from point A to point B can be expensive (which is why hotels in major areas cost more – convenience.) If you’re in an area that offers rail service or something similar (or if  you’re driving and it’s not too far away), then yes! If taxi’s are your primary source of transportation to and fro then the costs could really add up. 

Be Flexible – Travelling to New Orleans for Mardi Gras may be on your bucket list but it’s also not going to be cheap. Choosing to travel during the off season will go above and beyond to save on accommodations. Not only will you save money by travelling in the off seasons but you’ll avoid the nerve wrecking crowds and jacked up prices of, well, everything.

A simple Google search will quickly tell you when the best time to travel to a certain location is.

Get Discounts & Rewards – There are many loyalty programs out there that offer discounts and rewards to help save on accommodations. Many hotels offer reward and credit cards (like the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card or the The Choice Privileges® Visa® Card) that earn you rewards and get you discounts at the chain.

AAA members receive discounts at more than 58,000 hotels worldwide.

If you are a student, teacher, alumni, military personnel, government employee or emergency worker chances are you’ll get a discount.

See the most popular Hotel Rewards Programs here.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Better Deal – There are almost always deals hidden away in the schematics of a business. Top secret ways to save on accommodations are only a phone call away. Don’t be afraid to call the hotel or other location and inquire about a better rate. Reach out to area hotels & accommodators and inquire about a special rate just for a loyal fan. The worst they can do is say no!

A quick Google search will return the social media accounts you are looking for

Tell me: What tips do you have to save on accommodations?