Are you intimidated by home repairs? Does the thought of fixing holes terrify you? If you answered yes to either question (or even if  you didn’t) join me while I talk about how 3M makes it easy. I received these products in order to review them and I’m so glad I did. Take a look at what my wall looked like before.

3M Wall Repair

That is a huge gaping hole that some idiot caused. I used the 3M Patch Plus Primer kit to fix it! The process was super simple, let’s take a look.

3M Wall Repair (1)

I used the four-inch self adhesive patch to cover the hole. Then I mixed up the 3M Patch Plus Primer and went to work covering the patch.

3M Patch Plus Primer

It took me a few times to get the right amount of coverage, but once I did it was perfect. I waited for it to dry then I sanded it and painted over it.

You can barely tell there was a hole there, which is perfect since I rent! The 3M Patch Plus Primer kit comes with everything you need to fill in smaller holes.

The 3M Patch Plus Primer Kit Includes:

  • 3M’s revolutionary Patch plus primer
  • Four-inch self-adhesive patch
  • Putty knife
  • Sanding pad

The 3M Painter’s Tape is the ideal solution to paint drips on the molding. If you’re like me and either have an unsteady hand or just no patience, painter’s tape is the way to go. It lets you get those perfectly sharp lines without risking paint ending up where it shouldn’t.

I’m actually planning a chevron accent wall which this tape is going to play a key role in. Be sure to check back for that post soon! In the meantime head out to one of the retailers that carries 3M products and pick your 3M Patch Plus Primer kit up. Home repairs are nothing to be scared of and 3M proves that with their affordable solutions!