Shopping for a significant other can be tough – especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it is easier (and more appreciated) to create something instead of trying to buy the perfect gift. After all, it’s the thought that counts… right?

I pooled my friends about what their preferred gift for Valentine’s Day would be and the majority said they would prefer something handmade. I think this answer sums it up nicely:

Hand made! There’s more sentiment behind it they went out of their way to make you something using everything they know about you.

Of course there is no rule or law saying you have to make a gift, you can more than happily purchase a Valentine’s Day gift. In fact we have some great ideas for those gifts in our Valentine’s Day gift guide! For those of you that would like to create something but need some inspiration I have gathered these 12 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts basically anyone can make.

12 DIY  Valentine's Day Gifts for 2015

 12 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

I’m a sucker for frames to show off my favorite memories and a lot of women (and some men) are the same way. This DIY Chalkboard Frame from Crafts by Courtney is so sweet, especially with a personal message stenciled on.

Simply Stacie has a fun way to show your favorite picture off with a DIY Valentine’s Day frame.

Crazy About My Baybah created something no woman can turn down – heart shaped bath bombs. They seem easy enough to make and sound like a great gift for one, or maybe two if you’re lucky.

Maybe it’s just me but I find snow globes extremely romantic. This sweet Valentine’s Day snow globe from Whipper Berry is perfect.

Back to the bathroom goodies, Sugar and Cloth has a recipe for a DIY Love Potion Bath Set. Another great DIY gift for 2?!

A Bubbly Life has a DIY gift even the manliest man can make – Wooden Coasters!

If you want to pick up flowers you can throw a personal touch in with this DIY Sweetheart Vase from The Pretty Bee

StudioDIY suggests filling this heart shaped pinata with candy. I say take it a step further if you must buy a gift (especially jewelry) and add a little extra surprise inside.

Pillows are another gift I could never turn away. These upcycled (from old sweaters) pillows made by Organized 31 are so creative and a great way to keep the favorite sweaters around a little while longer.

One thing that is even harder to resist than bath goodies or pillows is money. What better way to give the gift of cash than with origami? Check out these Dollar Hearts Muslin and Merlot.

If (s)he’s a pro in the kitchen, or even just has a few favorite recipes, framing them is a great way to show you care. These easy Framed Recipe Cards from Home Cooking Memories would make an excellent gift.

You can really go all out and make several or all of these gifts and create a gift basket. You’ll get brownie points for years to come.